Excellent Healthcare Hospitality Services

Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and medical clinics, have different parking and transportation needs compared to shopping malls and restaurants. Many of your guests or patients require specialized assistance in traveling to your facility and parking their cars.

Nationwide Parking offers a full range of hospitality services geared specifically toward the healthcare industry. From parking management and concierge services to wheelchair transportation, we have you covered.

  • Inpatient transport
  • Outpatient transport
  • Parking management
  • Patient assistance, including staff for information desks
  • Porter/bell programs
  • Valet parking

An Economical Way to Reduce Your Patients’ Stress

Apart from making your visit to a healthcare facility a more pleasant experience, our services also minimize staffing and management costs. We provide you with the advantages of salaried valet/shuttle service staff while removing the need for you to pay for:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Liability insurance
  • Payroll
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Other administrative costs

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Encourage Repeat Business

Traveling to a hospital and finding a nearby parking space may be hard for some people, especially for patients with health conditions or those who have small children with them. Patients who are pleased with the ease of parking and transportation will choose your medical facility over competitors with cramped and inconveniently located parking facilities. This results in return customers and more business for you.