Make Your Facility Easier to Visit

Accessibility is important in the healthcare industry. While a two-mile walk may be easy for some, others may find it difficult if not impossible to travel that far on foot just to get care. This is especially true if there’s a nearby hospital with better parking facilities.

Making it convenient for patients and visitors to access your facility means they will be more than likely to return. At Nationwide Parking, our goal is to help you create satisfied patients who will automatically think of you when they have healthcare needs.

Maximize Your Parking Area

Do you have limited parking slots, or have you been forced to relocate your parking area due to construction or renovation? You don’t have to worry. We offer parking and transportation services that make it easy for your patients, visitors, and employees to reach your medical facility. These include shuttle bus transportation, valet parking, and patient assistance services.

Our team takes care of all the details and does all of the planning. We will determine maintenance schedules, transportation routes, and hours of operation.

Boost Your Bottom Line With Economical Transportation Solutions

You don’t have to worry about covering the costs of equipment purchase and vehicle servicing or salaries and insurance benefits for parking staff. We provide all of the vehicles you require, from golf carts to 28-seater buses equipped with hydraulic lifts for wheelchair access. Our courteous and punctual team will ensure that your patients and guests are driven to your facility in comfort.